I will provide you the strength & support you need throughout your Journey...

With over 18 years of experience as a mental health professional I have provided therapy to both military and community individuals and/or their family members through tough times.  I continue to provide my support for all individual and family members within St. Mary's County and throughout the state of Maryland.

I provide therapy to those who are dealing with daily stressors, those in need of crisis intervention, behavioral management, and personality disorders. I am skilled in promoting advocacy and connecting you with other needed services throughout the county. I have worked with middle and high school-aged children, adults, and geriatrics, all of whom are struggling with life difficulties.

I utilize different cognitive skills/techniques based on individual need as it relates to those individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, personality and mood-related issues, conduct issues for teenagers and/or adults, and anxiety. 


I am here to help anyone who is ready and willing to start making positive changes in their life and is willing to work through these tough times as I am highly motivated to help any person that comes my way the best way I can! 


Thank you for reading!